Monday, July 31, 2023

Author Inspired: Timothy J. McBride

Timothy J.McBride is the author of the science fiction anthology Vessels of Cor: Conquest. McBride is a young author (first published at age 18!) who writes both fantasy and science fiction. This book is currently available in paperback from Barnes and Noble, and soon to be released in digital format and on Amazon. I sat down with McBride shortly after the release of his first novel to delve into his work further

Lavender Inspiration: Tell us about the Vessels of Cor Universe.

MCBRIDE: Vessels of Cor is sort of a mixture of your typical space opera with the addition of lovecraftian existentialism. We see that humanity is far from the only species in this cosmos and that the universe itself is prone to forces beyond our reckoning. 

Lavender Inspiration: What does the writing process for Timothy J. McBride look like?

MCBRIDE: My writing process is a lot like the process of many other writers. In a way, I have to work backwards, having an ending in mind before figuring out how my characters get there in a way that makes sense and is entertaining. I consider all perspectives and do my research to create characters and a setting that is believable and complex.

Lavender Inspiration: What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

MCBRIDE: The most difficult part of my writing process is, like many other creators, getting the word out about my work. I want to share my work with people, but it’s easy to be ignored.

Lavender Inspiration: Which books or authors have influenced you?

MCBRIDE: Most prominently, I was influenced by the works of H.P. Lovecraft for certain elements of my story, and the rest blossomed from what I now see in hindsight as a subconscious nod to the Halo expanded media. I love how much more the books add to the games and I strive to create a world that can be so lovable.

Vessels of Cor McBride
Lavender Inspiration: What’s up next with Timothy J. McBride?

MCBRIDE: While I am excited for the sequel to Vessels of Cor: Conquest, I am currently working on recycling a storyline that was sadly cut from Conquest. I have another anthology in the works that details the relationship between humanity and a new faction that I find very interesting.

Read some of his other short stories on his website and my review of his anthology here Follow him on Instagram at author_mcbride. 

More About the Author here

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Vlogging Versus Blogging

A friend has been pushing me for years to start vlogging on YouTube. I have resisted since, in my own opinion, I am much better with the written word than public speaking. However, I recently sat down and tried it. Nothing fancy - no special equipment, such as pictured here. No ideal background or special effects. I simply put my old iPhone on a selfie stick and hit record. 

When I think about why blogging became such a chore, the first thing that comes to mind is the editing process. Regardless of how many times I tell myself the posts do not have to be perfect, I can't get that concept out of my head. 

With videos, however, there is no script. Besides knowing what I am going to talk about, I just wing it. For this first attempt, I took a few takes and chose the best one - and voila! It was a quick and easy way for me to share some information. 

Anyway, here is the first video posted to my YouTube Channel. Check it out and let me know what you think. If you like it, please subscribe. I will continue to post about life in South Florida, teaching, and things I enjoy. 


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