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Author Inspired: Timothy J. McBride

Timothy J.McBride is the author of the science fiction anthology Vessels of Cor: Conquest . McBride is a young author (first published at age 18!) who writes both fantasy and science fiction. This book is currently available in paperback from  Barnes and Noble , and soon to be released in digital format and on Amazon. I sat down with McBride shortly after the release of his first novel to delve into his work further .  Lavender Inspiration: Tell us about the Vessels of Cor Universe. MCBRIDE: Vessels of Cor is sort of a mixture of your typical  space opera with the addition of lovecraftian existentialism. We see that humanity is far from the only species in this cosmos and that the universe itself is prone to forces beyond our reckoning.  Lavender Inspiration:   What does the writing process for Timothy J. McBride look like? MCBRIDE:   My writing process is a lot like the process of many other writers. In a way, I have to  work backwards, having an ending in mind before figuring out

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