Unlikely Seasonal Depression

This post was original published on Nikki Revamped in July 2023.

Nikki Revamped Seasonal DepressionWhat do you think of when you hear people mention "seasonal depression"? Typically, this mindset develops in the winter months, particularly in areas of severe and prolonged darkness and dreary weather. For me, this phenomenon is exasperated in the summer months when there is little to no daily routine. As a classroom teacher, I am home with few responsibilities. The stark contrast to the hectic school year schedule is difficult to maneuver, and the mundane nature of chores and work around the house bore me and tend to send me into a state of unfulfillment. There is also a degree of loneliness and disconnectedness from the outside world. I no longer have young children of my own to entertain or plan outings for, so I tend to get lost in the uneventfulness of the day-to-day monotony. This summer I have made attempts to quell these feelings by committing myself to daily exercise. But, I live in South Florida where these off months are equivalent to a furnace outside, making my tendency to hide indoors more of a necessity. I live walking distance to the beach and have yet to step foot on the sand so far this summer. I am not exaggerating when I say that there are days I have to force myself outside.  

In the past, I have traveled substantially during the summer break, but my divorce and then Covid stomped out that favorite activity, and I have struggled getting back into the grove. 

I would like to hear from others who suffer from seasonal depression, and specifically other educators who experience this state during the summer break. What do you do to combat it?


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