Summer Read: Origin (Book Review)

Summer Reading With the unofficial start to summer upon us, I want to mention my top pick for your summer read. Although released in the fall of 2017, and on my bookcase almost that long, I finally had a few days of fun and sun, which included some much needed time to read Dan Brown's latest novel, Origin. Although the story started out very strong and had me glued to the pages (as all previous Brown novels in this series have), I eventually found the story somewhat predictable and disappointing. I do not mean to take away from it being thought-provoking and an interesting take on society today. It was! Yet, I was expecting a bigger WHOA! at the end. 

OriginSet in Spain, the story centers around the mysterious announcement by one of Langdon's former students that will challenge everything we know about human evolution, and, more importantly, our religious beliefs, as he finally offers a scientific answer to the two questions that haunt human existence - Where did we come from? and Where are we going? 

I am excited about the possibility of Tom Hanks bringing Robert Langdon to life once again on the big screen. (Note: However, I am still bitter over the fact that Columbia Pictures skipped over what I consider the most interesting of the Langdon books, The Lost Symbol.) I enjoy this series because of its historical content and the cities it brings to life, especially if I have visited them and can relive my time spent there.  Although not my favorite in the series, I recommend Origin regardless of whether or not you're familiar with the others, as they are standalone stories, especially if you enjoy thrillers.

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