Not just passing the hours......

UGH! Did I just stand in the driveway and wave goodbye to my husband and two children? So, here I am drinking coffee and missing them already, in a very - quiet - house.

Not that I don't have a full day ahead of me.  I am waiting for a contractor to arrive between the hours of this and that, then have to take my car for new tires and a battery, lunch with my husband (ok, so that's going to be a wonderful perk to not working), run to the store to pick up a new charger for my NOOK (which, by the way is NOT compatible with the dozen other android chargers I have in the house), and by then it will be time to pick up my boys.  Phew, and then day two will be over. 

But, wait, this can't be about simply passing the time before my children come home.  This is a rare time in my life when I can do nearly anything I want to (as long as I'm in carline by 3pm!)  I am truly blessed to have been able to say adios to a job that was no longer fulfilling (more on that another time.)  I'm just proud that I actually started this blog.  Goal #1 completed!  I mean, that's a step, right??


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