From Holidays to Cold and Flu Season: Oh, What a Joy!

School is back in session today, but not for my little guy.  This year has started off with a bang. After suffering a cough and low-grade fever for a few days, I finally decided it was worth a visit to the pediatrician yesterday, which is a huge deal to begin with because I am not one to rush to the doctor's office. But, the on-going fever was a possible sign of something more than a cold.  

We waited nearly an hour past our appointment time in the examination room, but finally our turn.  The diagnosis? - sinus infection and airway inflammation. Okay, antibiotics it is, only the second time in his life.  I hate them!  Plus, saline spray in his nostrils three times a day - Got it! I can remember all this. 

But wait, there was more, a ton more. The doctor continued for what seemed like 20 minutes with further instructions.  Why isn't someone writing this down for me?  The doctor lost me, I mean COMPLETELY lost me, going over the not one, but two different inhalers he'd be prescribing my son.  And, at least one of them (at this point who knows, maybe both of them) would require the use of some attachment, a device of sorts that helps patients this young operate the inhalers properly.  

Either way, off I went to the pharmacy with both my sons in tow. 

What do you mean they're not ready??!!  The doctor did his magic thingy via the computer over an hour ago! How can they not be ready?!

Of course, I didn't actually say any of this.  Not with words anyway. My face, on the other hand.....

"OK, how long will it be?"

Thirty-minutes. Sigh, "OK, I'll be back."

Is it just me, or does anyone else think frantic mothers with sick children should have top priority at the pharmacist?

The three of us trudge home.  I inhale some food and an hour later - that's SIXTY minutes in case you're counting, twice the time I was told it would take - I head back to the pharmacy where there are two customers being waited on and two more in line ahead of me. Gggggrrrrr.

Before I even get called to the counter, I noticed the pharmacy technician, the one I spoke with earlier, look directly at me and whisper something to the pharmacist. This can NOT be good.  Then I hear her tell him, "I'll take care of this one."  Oh boy! Now I'm "this one."

She goes on to explain that one of the inhalers needs to be ordered and the spacer (YES!! That's what the doctor called it) also has to be ordered.  

"Okay, just give me the antibiotic and I'll pick up the inhalers tomorrow," I tell her.

"Fine, let me just dispense that for you.  Would you like it flavored?"

NO NO NO, I already gave you 30 EXTRA minutes to prepare the prescription!! Will someone tell me why it isn't ready?

Instead......I smile. "What flavor do you think my son will like?" She looked at me blankly.  "I'll take strawberry," is all I can muster to say.  

So while my son now rests on the couch watching Star Wars, I await the much anticipated phone call from the pharmacist telling me the inhalers are ready for pick-up, which she promised would arrive today.  

And they better, because if I have to write another blog post about my pharmacy saga tomorrow, I will not be pleased.  


  1. The love of a Mother..............

  2. You have a lot of patience. If a pharmacy screws up my Rx, I will sit and wait for them to fix it. I hope the meds help your son feel better quickly.


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