Because Sometimes I Just Need a Little Romance (Book Review)

"....loving someone left her heart open and vulnerable to hurt and to so much more, including love and joy." ~ Love Letters

With beach season coming up, now is the perfect time to gather a list of light reads for fun in the sun. I'll admit I am not a huge romance novel fan, but every once in a while, even I like to pick one up. When I do, I go straight for Debbie Macomber.  Macomber has published countless books, several making it onto the New York Time's Best Seller list - eight of them hitting number one! Some of her novels have also been made into television movies and a series for the Hallmark Channel.

Although Love Letters is part of a series, I did not read the previous novels and really don't think you need to.  The story is set in Cedar Cove, a quaint, waterfront town in Washington State - an unassuming romantic setting if ever there was one.

The story centers around Jo Marie, a war widow and owner of the Rose Harbor Inn, and her guests - each with their own need for the "healing power" of the inn. Honestly, while Love Letters is filled with different story lines and several characters, this novel was a bit flat.  I found it sappy and predictable and out of all the characters, there were only two I liked, handyman Mark, and Maggie, one of the guests.  Despite this, the ending still made me curious enough to check out the next one in the series, which says a lot about Macomber's skill as a writer.

Human relationships are complicated, and often painful.  Macomber is a master at giving her readers a reason to believe in them again.

"The longer one drags it [emotional baggage] around, the heavier it seems." ~ Tom, Love Letters

Previous novels by Macomber I've read and would recommend to other fans of romance novels are Starry Night, Angels at the Table, and A Turn in the Road, all of which I liked better than Love Letters.

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  1. Oh... this sounds good! I have seen some of Macomber's books before, but haven't read any - maybe I will now!

    1. She publishes multiple books a YEAR, so plenty to choose from. Light, warm, and romantic to say the least. Let me know if you decide to read any of her books. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Read one of her books,enjoyed it very much, will put this on my list...thank you.

    1. Yes, they are enjoyable. Thanks for reading my review and for commenting.


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