Learning to Let Go of Unrealistic and Unnecessary Expectations

This is one of those blog posts where I open up the deepest, darkest corners of my psyche and share with you the fact that I am......... a complete nut job.  In my defense, however, I have only the best intentions in mind before I allow my quirkiness to drive me over the edge. 

You see, I often put unrealistic and unnecessary expectations on myself that sometimes get in the way of me actually enjoying life.  The one I'm dealing with this week?  (You didn't expect me to address them all at once, did you?)

- My irrational habit of cleaning the entire house, from top-to-bottom, before going on a trip.  

My house is never as tidy and organized as it is just before I leave on vacation.  Do I want to make sure that things are in order in the unfortunate event my house is burglarized? I certainly wouldn't want to be judged poorly by criminals. 

Nah, it's because who wants to come home from vacation to find a ton of housework waiting for them. Am I right?  

I know I am not the only one who has this weird habit.  But hear me now.  This stupid obsession of mine to clean the entire house while also packing for myself and two kids, making necessary arrangements for the pets, and finalizing travel plans has got to stop. Add to that mix having to keep up with this blog, and I become certifiable - fast!

Well, no more. I am putting an end to this craziness - NOW!  

My sons and I leave tomorrow to visit my sister.  While the week started off with all the frenzy that is typical before a vacation, I decided to put an end to the madness before becoming completely frazzled.  Sure, by the time I stopped myself and said, "Enough! What harm is a little dust going to do?" I had already done a significant portion of pre-trip chores.  But the victory is in the fact that I stopped myself before becoming bat-shit crazy. (But, it was a close call!)

Instead I had a very enjoyable afternoon out with my sons and friends without stressing and looking at my watch.  I worked out and even wrote this unplanned post.  While my house isn't as clean as it normally is before I leave on a trip, I am letting go of some of the control (I left my husband only a brief summary of pet instructions instead of two pages - trust me, that's an accomplishment in and of itself!)

The most important thing is all the essentials are taken care of - boarding passes are printed, suitcases are packed, and litter boxes are fresh.  Really, what else NEEDS to be done?  Right, nada!

Oh, and one last thing.......the point of this post was to tell you I will be gone for a week and I may - or may NOT - get to blogging while I'm gone. And you know what? I'm NOT going to stress about it.  (Well, maybe just a little, but we'll deal with that the next time.) 


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  1. Well, let's put it this way. Would you've listened to anyone telling you, Nikki, you've probably pushed this habit of yours into an obsession, ease off a little ? You would've said yes, you're right, and continued anyway. Or you would've clawed their eyes out, wouldn't have spoken with them for a week for having the audacity to tell you that. Yada, yada. The repercussions could've been endless.
    Right, the only person who could break you out of that vicious cycle was... You. And you did. Great accomplishment. To honor your example I will break one of my addictions now and don't have a coffee and a cancer stick. Kudos. You saved us all.
    Great post. Took courage to admit to smth like that. But it's that down to earth, honest to god kinda style in your writing, that lets readers connect to it so easily.

    1. Yes, you're probably right about me having to come to this conclusion on my own. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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