TEN Movies to See in 2017 (Nik's Piks)

Okay, movie buffs, 2017 is slated to give us many, MANY, huge blockbuster films - many from Marvel and DC Comics evident by their dominance of my list. But, there are so many more to add to our Must-See list. It wasn't easy to narrow my list down to just ten, and I know I am leaving many sure-to-be fabulous films out. However, for this list I am going with variety, and whether I run to the theater on opening weekend, or wait for them to be released on DVD, here are the TEN movies I want to see in 2017. 

10 - The Wedding Invitation  (Romantic Comedy)  

9 - A Dog's Purpose  (Adventure/Drama)  

8 -  Wonder Woman  (Action/Fantasy)

7 - Beauty and the Beast  (Drama / Musical)  

6 - Spiderman: Homecoming  (Action/Fantasy)

5 -  Everybody Loves Somebody  (Romantic Comedy)

4 -  Guardians of the Galaxy  (Action/Fantasy)

3 - Hidden Figures (Drama)

2 - Star Wars: Episode VIII  (Science Fiction)

1 - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - (Action/Adventure)

BONUS:  I would also like to have a special mention of the film Lost in London which will be shown in theaters for one night only - January 19, 2017. This film will be filmed and broadcast LIVE - a truly unprecedented event! For this reason alone, I want to go see it. 


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  1. Must put these down, since I never know what to see, thank you for sharing.


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