Inspiration Lost

I can't believe we are on the back-end of May, and I am writing my first post of the month. To say I've put my blog on the back-burner since starting a new job is a gross understatement.  Having less time is definitely a factor. But, truth be told, I'm finding it difficult to find inspiration lately - in anything.

I've left countless books partially read on my nightstand over the last several months. I hardly make time to watch films these days, and even when I do, they don't inspire me to write a review.  (Maybe my choice of movies is to blame; I fell asleep during The Accountant not once, but twice!) Volunteering at my son's school and at the animal shelter has also taken a back seat, and this, too, has added to my sense of dissatisfaction with daily life.

My routine walks along the beach and hikes on one of the many local nature trails have ceased entirely since the year began - both of which helped me clear my mind and find my inspiration. Further proof physical exercise is as good for the mind as it is for the body. Sadly, there haven't been any long bike rides in recent weeks either.

A new job, life's daily stress, and personal struggles, coupled with being a full-time parent, have all contributed to the core of my issue - the complete lack of inspiration in my life. Since the beginning, my blog's motto has been "We're all inspired by something; we just have to calm our minds to find it."  I am working on finding that calmness again, but I'd be lying if I said it is proving to be an easy feat.  

At this point, I am learning to take one day - AND ONE CHORE - at a time, but for someone who likes to feel accomplishment at the end of each day, telling me to slow down and put things off to the next day only adds to my inner stress levels. 

I know eventually things will all settle down and life, as I've dreamed of living it, will come back into focus. In the meanwhile, my lavender oil remains at my bedside (since the lavender fields of France are out of reach) to help relax me, and my eyes remain on my blessings, in particular my two children as I watch them become the adults I had hoped to raise. 

I hope my schedule this summer allows me a little more time to write, and maybe the more relaxed routine will help me find some inspiration. If you have any suggestions on how I can get inspired again, I'd love to hear them. Until then, thanks for checking in and reading.


  1. Sorry to read you feel that way. I certainly get it, but I sure hope it gets better for you. It seems taking time for yourself makes a big difference in life, something I know I am terrible at. I hope things calm for you and you can find that inspiration again. You sure are an inspiration for many of us.

  2. I've been feeling much the same lately, it's been a real grind to get anything creative out, and even just doing the usual chores has been more of an effort than usual. All I can suggest is look after yourself as best you can, the inspiration will return (eventually!). All the best :)

    1. Thanks for reading and your kind words of encouragement. Hang in there too!


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