12 New Chapters

For the Chinese, 2018 may be the year of the dog, but for me, the new year seems like an ideal time to declutter my surroundings - both literally and metaphysically. 

From vowing to use all my the gift cards I have accumulated over the years (yes - YEARS!), to finishing the countless bottles of youth potions and half used hair products, I am determined to spend, lather, and spritz my way through the first couple of months of 2018 (First world problems, I realize.) 

In addition, I have the more daunting task of ridding myself of possessions - from clothes to furniture and knick-knacks, 2018 will be the year of minimizing all the crap I have collected over the decades. 

Most importantly, is the purging of unhealthy thoughts and unnecessary stressors.

 Breathe in positive light, breathe out negative darkness - repeat. 

A few years ago when I started this journey, I spoke about wanting to practice meditation and yoga more. Unfortunately, neither became a regular part of my schedule. I am hoping that will change in this new year and bring about a more relaxed and peaceful existence. 

2018 - new year, new goals. Who's with me?

Thank you all for stopping by. I wish all my readers a happy and healthy New Year and the best 12 chapters of your lives. 

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  1. Ya know, some of this I need to do as well. De-clutter for one. Things I don't really need. I love my books and mementos from loved ones, but so much I can do without as well. I am working on meditating and focusing on the mind and heart more though, so I will join you on trying to make that a daily thing. Best of luck to you with everything, my friend. Hope we can catch up and talk sometime about all this. Be well.


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