Another Pick From One of My Favorite Authors (Book Review)

After falling in love with Rainbow Rowell's writing style and characters in both Fangirl and Eleanor and Park, I was thrilled to go back and read her debut novel, Attachments. Perhaps because Rowell writes about times and themes I remember, I always develop a personal connection with her stories. 

 Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Attachments begins in 1999 around the time the Internet was taking off and the whole Y2K "threat" was all everyone talked about. But now that the world wide web was available to employees, companies needed to create ways of policing what was being accessed and said on company equipment. 

In comes Lincoln, a heartbroken, 28-year-old, who is hired by a newspaper to work in their IT department.  His job?  To monitor employee emails in search of those who are being inappropriate on company time. What he didn't expect was to fall for one of his co-workers by simply reading the personal emails between her and her best friend. 

Afraid he'll never find love again, Lincoln learns that "love BEFORE love at first sight" really does exist.  But how will he ever be brave enough to do something about his feelings? 

Without spoiling anything, I'll only say there will be a point in this novel that will leave you literally grinning from ear to ear - actually, there are a few moments this will happen! 

Attachments is an easy, light read that will warm your heart.  Rowell is a master at writing witty and playful dialogues, and creating characters that are relatable and engaging. And, like I've said in previous reviews of her work, she has a knack for writing the most lovable, endearing male protagonists that you can't help but cheer for! 

Fans of young adult fiction and romantic comedies will enjoy this novel.  Next up on my to-read list is Rowell's latest release, Landline.  I'm really looking forward to it since none of her novels have ever disappointed me!  

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  1. Sounds like another good book to put on my list. Thanks for sharing...

  2. Another book to put on my list.,again thanks for sharing.


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