Simple But Critical Advice For Parents

When your son asks you to sit and cuddle with him on the couch, I don't care what you are in the middle of - go over and cuddle! 

I recall an evening back in December.  I had spent the entire day sorting through digital photos in an effort to create photo collages - you know the ones popular for Christmas cards. (Oh, and by the way, whoever started this craze never considered the implications on a mother's time this task would have!) My ten-year-old popped into my office and said, "Mom, come cuddle with me." I told him I was just about done with this project and I'd be right in. But something made me stop and glance at the clock on my computer monitor - only three minutes until his bedtime.  To hell with these stupid photos! I rushed into the other room to savor those three minutes.

It's the little things, the "incidentals," that make a life whole.  The stolen moments in an ordinary day give true meaning to our lives.

As a parent it is easy to become wrapped up in taking care of everything and everyone, we forget to stop, breathe, and enjoy the tiny moments.  So stop focusing on all the advice that tells you how to get your newborn to sleep through the night, when to start feeding your baby solid foods, and which toys will stimulate their brains the most.  None of these things will matter in the end. 

Probably the biggest cliche expectant parents hear from other parents, is "Enjoy them, they grow up fast!"  My advice is not only enjoy them, but to truly cherish them.  Seize any opportunity possible to cuddle, to listen to your child describe his latest Lego creation, or to watch a goal your son scored on his FIFA 15 game. 

In the end, what matters are these sweet, non-elaborate minutes with your children. These seemingly "insignificant" moments are the ones that count. They're the ones your children will remember and you will crave when they're grown.


  1. I couldn't agree more. We just had little picnic the kids made of peanuts and pb&js and they said it was the best day ever! They cherish us, too :)

  2. Having children of my own, I could only tell you that all they have to do is call me "Mom, I need you now"and i would drop everything to be there, Yes, enjoy every bit of time you have with them because they grow up fast ....and you could never get that moment back.....

  3. Totally agree with you. I don't miss any moment to capture what my 8 month old does for the first time. Years down the lane I will be able to cherish those moments in an album. I have left my IT job just to see my son grow up. *tears rolling down my cheek*

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. Enjoy your baby! I know it is cliche, but it's true what they say, you blink and they're grown up.


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