COMING SOON: Even More Movie Reviews

I have recently received complaints from various readers that they are disappointed that my reviews on "date-night" films (a/k/a reviews for mature audiences) aren't posted on my own blog.  Instead I have been publishing those over on The Entertainment Whacko.

I love the feedback and want to make you all happy (because only good things come to those who try to make EVERYONE happy, right?)  Therefore, I am thinking of adding a NEW page to my blog for such reviews.  I will most likely still only publish them on The Entertainment Whacko, but I will add the link on this new page (once it's up) as well. Hope that is a nice compromise for everyone.

In the meantime, while I am working on this additional page, here are the links (click on the DVD jacket) to the other films I have reviewed that fall outside my Family Movie Reviews section.  Enjoy!

Check out my Family Movie Reviews too!


  1. I would definitely suggest a date night page or something along those lines so that you could link your reviews regardless of where they end up. You're very good at it. You could always explore starting another blog too just for your date night reviews, then you could even subsite the new blog (like say so that it all stays in your blog family :) You know there are plenty of us who would help you out if you need it

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, suggestions, and offer to help. Appreciate all of it. Maybe a separate blog for all reviews with separate pages for date night and family - or by rating. Ooo, love the brainstorming. LOL


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