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I consider myself a world traveler. I have traveled extensively in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  I spent two semesters studying / living overseas.  I have traveled with friends and family as well as individually. I have some amazing tales of places and people and some horror stories of travel gone wrong. But, despite all my experience, one thing remains the same - I am a complete basket case the day before I travel. 

I am not afraid of flying - once I am in my seat and on my way - but I am terribly anxious of the process.  Yes, the entire process - from packing and getting the house and pets ready, to driving to the airport and getting through security.  Did I unplug the flat iron? Was the garage door down? What day do the garbage pails have to go out? 

Then there is the connection at some godforsaken airport like Atlanta or LaGuardia.  It once took me 45 minutes to get from my arrival gate to my connecting gate in Frankfurt! Then there are some other airports that we aren't allowed to speak of in my home because the mere mention of them send me into hysterics.  I'd tell you which airports they are, but I can't break my own rule, can I? There are entire cities I won't visit just because their airports were cruel to me during layovers.  

On top of all these usual concerns, I have been dealing with an ear condition for several months now - a condition the doctors can't quite figure out the cause of. I have been reassured by my doctor, however, that, and I quote, "Although you have an increased chance of your ear drum rupturing, you should be okay during the flights."  He's lucky he's cute or that would have warranted a slap. 

Yet, despite all the aggravation, the act of traveling remains one of my favorite ways to recharge my battery.  

So here I go again.  Tomorrow I am traveling domestically just for a long weekend to visit a dear friend for a little bit of R&R.  There is sure to be great conversation, some great food (she has already scoped out all the vegan friendly places) and some great wine tasting - vineyard country here we come!  

However, I spent the day fretting over the preparations and whether or not I have enough time to make my connection in Atlanta. Will the cats be okay? Who will remember to feed my tortoise? Is the damn roof still leaking??  And, I still haven't figured out where the hell I am going to fit my camera.  I'd hate to not bring it. But even prior to airlines charging for checked baggage, I've insisted only on bringing carry-on! Sacrifices always have to be made!!

Anyway, the point of this blog post, which seems to have gotten lost in the travel frenzy, was to tell you I will be back next week with a new book review (which, now that I've mentioned it, I am bound to produce).  Until then, be well and, as always, thanks for reading. 


  1. I thought I was the only one who hated the process of flying more than flying. I just read a book on the plane no biggie but all that crap just to get on the plane stinks. Have a good trip!

  2. I didn't know you saw so many places! That's awesome! Years ago I was a flight attendant, one flight we were landing and it was so windy when I looked out the left of the plane I saw the sky and clouds, when I looked to my right the very same moment I saw the ground. it was a bumpy ride to say the least but I didn't mind I had fun watching the people all stare at me like this is it...

    Have a safe trip, drink some wine for me!

  3. I need to point out that flying is the most dangerous activity man has ever invented. Better to walk, or crawl. You will thank me later.

    1. Nooooo, I live to travel to faraway places. And, I am not a good swimmer :))


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