All Hail the Lavender

I am not going to lie - visiting the lavender fields in Provence, France is in the top five of my bucket list. But, with peak season only weeks away (typically June and July), it looks like another year will pass without me making the trip. The closest I have ever come are the lavender fields I stumbled upon while visiting Long Island, NY a couple of years ago - and even then, I sadly had missed the peak by a couple of weeks. 

When I started my blog in 2014, I chose the name because I used lavender oil for its anti-anxiety properties and to help me sleep. I was going through some major life changes, both professionally and personally, and was in the height of menopause. It helped calm my mind allowing my creative juices to flow. Prior to this time, the only experience I had with lavender was in the baby lotion I applied to my infant sons after their baths - it was meant to soothe them into baby slumber; I just loved the smell. 

Just ask your local spa which aroma therapies are most requested, and lavender will undoubtedly top the list. Most will agree the scent is lovely, some may even know about the numerous health benefits of lavender. However, even in only the last few years, lavender has grown in popularity, not only as a sleep aid and anti-anxiety remedy, but also as a soul soothing gift from Mother Nature. Did you know it is also successfully used to treat bruises and cuts and even to help alleviate headaches?

Check out this article from Healthy Holistic Living for more benefits of lavender oil and a delicious recipe for lavender lemonade. 

Jump ahead just four years later, and lavender seems to be EVERYWHERE - lavender lotions, candles, bath salts, even teas/drinks - you name it and they probably make a lavender variety. It is also a popular hair color! 

Today, lavender oil remains my favorite form of this plant. I have a bottle at work, one on my nightstand, and another in the kitchen (which I use in my diffuser, so basically my home smells like a spa - not a bad thing in my opinion.) 

My sons know where they are and help themselves to a sniff whenever they are having trouble sleeping or before school if they are feeling stressed about an exam. Sometimes I put a couple of drops on their bed pillows. At work, people will come borrow it and place a couple of drops on their wrists or temples. My latest use is to rub a couple of drops on my feet at bedtime. 

Another favorite lavender product is the sachet of dried lavender I purchased on the aforementioned trip to Long Island, where I was told it would keep its scent for years to come!  I also learned that the scent is released when the sachet is squeezed - so squeeze away. It is also a great freshener for your drawers. 

All shades of lavender (from violet to deep purple) symbolize royalty and are making a splash in nearly every industry in 2018 - from home decor to fashion. Since starting this blog four years ago, I am frequently given lavender gifts of all kinds. And I love every one of them..... 

If you have a favorite use of lavender or lavender product, please share in the comments section. 


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