Too many books, too little time!

Yet, even if time permitted, it would not be feasible for me to go back and review all my favorite novels. Why? Because I write my reviews immediately upon finishing a book in order to capture my first impressions and how the book made me feel. BUT, unfortunately, that means that there are tons of great books out there that I've read but I will not get to share with my readers.

Until now that is.

I've come up with the idea to periodically share miscellaneous book suggestions. Not reviews, but lists of books (categorized by genre) I feel are worth a mention and ones I think you will enjoy.

Some I'm sure you've heard of, others perhaps not. But all worth reading.  I've included excerpts from their official book blurb along with a few sentences on my personal thoughts.

Click on the genre type below to access the specific list you want. For my full reviews of recently read novels, check out my Book Reviews page. 

Enjoy and Happy Reading!


  1. I love this idea. I had a similar idea for my blog but haven't gotten around to adding it yet. Love yours though and intend to keep coming back as long as long as you continue adding titles.

  2. Thank you! Our blogs are always subject to makeovers - LOL.


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