That Moment When You Ask Yourself, "What ELSE doesn't my child know?"

Last night, as I do once every week or two, I changed the inspirational quote on a board I have displayed in my kitchen.  I love sharing motivational thoughts on social media, so a few months back, I decided to bring my sons into the loop the old-fashioned way - via a white board! The newest quote was spoken by 9-year-old Derek Jeter and remembered by his Fourth Grade teacher, Shirley Garzelloni, as reported by Newsday. It read, "When I grow up, I'm going to be a shortstop for the New York Yankees." 
Upon waking up and reading this quote, my oldest son asked, "What position DID Jeter play?" and my younger, "What's shortstop?"  My oldest then asked, and I can't make this stuff up, "Did he ever get any hits?"  At that moment, I proceeded to get lost in a breathless (and tearful) five minute rant about Jeter's twenty year career as shortstop for the New York Yankees.  Oh, and by the way, YES, he did get some hits.  The one saving grace here is that neither asked me "WHO is Derek Jeter?" That may have landed them both in their rooms for the afternoon!

On the drive to school, I wondered what else they might not know.  My son was scanning the radio when I heard the familiar voice of Steve Perry. I told him to leave that song on. As I drove I sang every word to "Don't Stop Believin'" while my sons starred out the window.  I turned and asked, "Do you know the name of the group that sings this?"  The reply?  "Some group from the old days."  My response will have neither son ever forgetting the name Journey again. I've added the YouTube audio here for your listening enjoyment - you're welcome!

A few more miles down the road, on a roll, I asked my older son if he knows who Michael Jordan is? He said, "Yes, he was a basketball player."  Okay, I'll take it, at least he didn't say he is a sneaker designer. This has gotten me into a little bit of a frenzy.  I mean, what ELSE don't they know. My husband and I have some serious catching up to do over the next few months.   

When I got home, I ran upstairs to my son's bedroom and removed the Derek Jeter official MLB t-shirt from his closet WITH THE TAGS STILL ON.  It's only been in there since he was five.  Well, it's MINE now. 

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  1. If Journey is from the old days, but would they say about Elvis or Sinatra!!?? LOL

  2. They would be prehistoric as opposed to just old!


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