Manic Marathon Monday!

Because December isn't busy enough, I decided to throw a 9-hour movie marathon into the equation.  And, while I did not meet my own Christmas shopping deadline as I had hoped, (see How to Stay Sane During the Holidays) it isn't entirely my fault.  One gift, for my oldest sister, never became available, so now I'm back to square one with her.  On top of that, a gift, a new toaster, for my father needs to be returned before he even opens it, because his old one is apparently working again.  
On top of the holidays, my sons are finishing up their second quarter of school on Friday so last week and this week have been completely chaotic.  In addition to typical after-school activities, we have the school holiday concert on Wednesday night and every teacher felt compelled to have a mid-term, or a project, or a holiday party, and in some cases all of the above! Last week I baked and delivered nearly a dozen bread loafs and gift-wrapped an additional ten presents for teachers. You get it, it's a busy time of year.

But, back to today.  Despite the hectic time of year, I am taking some time, 9+ hours to be specific, to attend The Hobbit Marathon at my local theater.  And, while excited, I am also filled with anxiety.  Why?  Well, because attending the marathon means I am not going to be able to fulfill my other daily responsibilities, mainly the care of my sons.  My mom will be picking up the boys at school and handling dinner while my husband will be getting them off to bed and ready for the next morning.

Don't get me wrong.  They are both completely capable of handling the "job." AND, just as important, they are both very supportive of me having "alone time."   It's the mommy guilt I suffer with.  And, I know I'm not alone - there are countless other moms out there that deal with this. For those that don't - kudos to you, teach the rest of us how not to feel this way! Part of it is definitely my need to control things - I totally get that.  But to stress over whether or not my mom will test my son on his spelling and vocabulary correctly or if my husband will pack their school lunches properly is just plain insane, I will admit.  No kid ever died because his father packed him chocolate chip cookies instead of Oreos in his lunchbox. 

(For my final review of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies click here.)

Again, it's not that they can't do it, it's just my stupid mommy guilt.  Okay, and to make it a wee bit more stressful for me, my sons are not thrilled that I will be seeing The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies without them.  After all, Peter Jackson's Middle-earth has been an entire adventure we've experienced together up until now as I made clear in my Note of Gratitude to Peter Jackson. But, like my husband told me, I don't need their permission, yet I still feel a little guilty.  Not that I won't be taking them.  We will be back in the theaters this upcoming weekend to see it together.  I'm hoping by seeing it first without my sons, I can, perhaps, release most of the heavy sobs today, and keep the tears to a dull roar when I do see it with them and avoid embarrassing them. 

Therefore, to help ease the feelings of guilt I am having, I will, undoubtedly, tidy up the house before I leave, prepare lunches for tomorrow, make sure all the laundry is put away, write instructions for everyone (man, I'm so OCD!), and text all parties throughout the day with messages such as, "I forgot to mention....," "Did the boys have a nice day?" "I left the whatever on the whatever..." and my favorite, "Please kiss the boys goodnight for me and tell them I love them."  That's the one that kills me when I'm not home with them. And, although I know the importance of parents maintaining a piece of personal identity, I also recognize it's not always easy. 

Now excuse me while I prepare to head off to the theater and enjoy The Hobbit Trilogy on the big screen one last time without stressing over the home front. No one ever enjoyed life sitting at home and sipping tea all day. 

Armed with a package of tissues and a hidden sandwich inside my purse, the only question that remains is, do I wear mascara?  

So, wish me luck!  I'm going on an adventure!!!!


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