Remember When......A Mother Reminisces

Every mother of older children, even grown children, will quite frequently get a glimpse of something - typically a young mother with her baby, toddler, or preschooler - and will instantly recall those days of years ago when her own children were that little.  With these thoughts, come the flood of memories.  I had one of these moments this morning and decided to share it with you, along with the many others that often cross my mind. Perhaps some of you may relate to one or two.  

1. Knowing the phone number to my OB/GYN by heart. Lord knows during pregnancy she and her staff became like a second family.

2. Picking out the perfect car seat / stroller set was more stressful than applying for college because my baby's comfort depended on it.

3. Sticking to a feeding, sleeping, and, let's face it, breathing schedule meant the difference between sane mommy and bat-shit crazy mommy!

4. A big morning out was a visit to the playground or a walk around the mall with a fellow mom - Starbucks in hand.  Even to this day, every time I see a mother pushing her child in a stroller at the mall, I can't help but remember the countless hours I did that.  After all, it is air-conditioned, a huge factor when living in FL!

5. The backseat of my car typically had a couple of half-empty sippy-cups containing warm, two-day old apple juice and there were star-shaped puffs and cheerios scattered about and in between the seats.

6. Getting my toddlers down for a nap seemed to take an act of Congress on some days yet I'd stop at nothing to see this goal achieved.  Why?  See memory #3.

7. Going to the library was a weekly event: story time, friends, and piles of books.  My sons would check out the same ones over and over again.  And, in case any new parents are reading this, exposure to books at an early age won't guarantee your child will grow up loving to read - but expose them anyway!

8. Strolls around the neighborhood in the wagon fully decked out in costumes still worn from playing dress-up earlier in the day.  Sometimes the children next door would pile in as well and make it a real party!

9. Watching "educational" television snuggled on the couch to try and decompress after a long day.  Because, if the children weren't reading by age five, there was no way they would get into Harvard.

10. The sound of giggles - lots and lots of giggles, the kind that a young child makes when you blow raspberries on their bellies. One can surely never tire of those. Record your toddler giggling - I wish I had.

I can remind you to enjoy your babies and toddlers because they grow up fast - but you've heard it all before. What I will ask you to remember, when you're exhausted and ready to pull your hair out and when the crying and tantrums won't stop, is that there will be a day when you'll crave for the innocence of these days.

Moms and Dads of older children: What are your favorite memories of the first few years?

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  1. Loving them more and more each day, one of my precious moments were holding them and as they had their bottle holding onto my finger,a feeling i will never forget until this day....first day of school,, and then off to college you realize you really have to let go a little I could go on and on but i think you get the idea, they are the love of my life....


  2. how very true it it! I heard a saying once, "the days are long but the years are short."

  3. Great article. My most favorite memory is of this time I was in the kitchen baking with my older two and the littler two ran circles through the kitchen dressed up as a horse and an elephant. Oh the giggles. I am blessed in that we still share these giggles every night. And I am thankful that I have another 5 years before college days start. I cried enough on the first day of kindergarten!

    1. Giggles are the best! My 10 year old still breaks them out, but the 12 year old is too cool. Thanks for reading!

  4. Beautiful written.


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