The Christmas Wish (Book Review)

It's not too early for a Christmas story, is it?  

The Christmas Wish

"Be Brave.
Be Kind.

From author Lori Evert comes a Christmas storybook sure to become a classic. The Christmas Wish is about a kind, little girl, Anja, who dreams of becoming one of Santa's elves. Strapped in her skies, Anja sets out on her journey to the North Pole. In a race to reach it before Christmas, Anja relies on the help of animal friends to ensure her success. In the end she learns that her joy and kindness make her special and help keep the true spirit of Christmas alive all year for those around her. 

Set in Norway, a winter wonderland in its own right, The Christmas Wish will warm the hearts of all those who read it. With stunning photographs by Per Breiehagen that will captivate your child's attention (and are truly the highlight of this book), it is sure to become a favorite holiday story. Just don't be surprised if your own children decide to set off on their own magical trek to the North Pole.

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    1. Beautiful picture book. There is a sequel as well. Thanks for stopping by and reading.


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