TOP FIVE Books to Read this Summer (2016)

Summertime is here!  That means vacations and lazy afternoons lounging by the pool or catching the rays at the beach. It also means time to grab that book and READ!   

Here are my TOP 5 books to grab along with your beach towel this summer season! 

1. Historical FictionBrooklyn is so beautifully written, so authentic, I felt like I melted into the pages. Tóibín captures the innocence of the era wonderfully including the strong family relationships and unspoken social etiquette and pure romance between men and women. Honestly, it is one of those novels that I cannot say enough good things about, but I will admit that it will not be for everyone. Do not expect edge of your seat suspense or in your face action. This book is pure heart and soul and poetic storytelling as it focuses on the inherently assumed sacrifices often made by women. I must have read the last paragraph of the novel five times or more, each time letting it sink further and further into my psyche.  Along with the readings came both tears of pain and smiles of warmth. (Read full description and review here.)

2. Women's Fiction / Drama: Me Before You is not your typical love story. Rather, it is a love story of the mind, friendship, and deep connection.  It is a close look at how one human being can inspire another to be the best he can be. It will leave you on an emotional overload craving for more. I personally didn't want this one to end and had to pace myself so I wouldn't finish it too quickly. The sequel was released in September and the film adaptation is due out in June of 2016!  (Read full description and review here.) 

3. Crime / Thriller: Career of Evil is a dark crime story that will engage the reader with it's many twists and highly interwoven string of characters. Although, some may find it difficult to keep all the backstories of the numerous characters straight in their heads. The Coromoran Strike series remains my favorite detective / crime series and Career of Evil is without a doubt my favorite in the series thus far. (Read full description and review here.)

4. Drama / Suspense: With similarities that are ripped from today's headlines, The Ones We Trust is not only a light political crime story, it is also a gripping look at post-traumatic stress disorder and dealing with loss, a journey of forgiveness, and a commentary on the ethics of journalism.  I love Belle's style of writing and her ability to make intelligent heroines that are also witty and charming. (Read full description and review here.)

5. Young Adult / Fantasy: My final pick for 2016 summer reading is actually a young adult / fantasy series. I was first introduced to author D.G. Driver and her high school protagonist, Juniper "June" Sawfeather, when I read and reviewed the first novel in the series, Cry of the Sea, for the 2016 Multicultural Children's Book Day. I enjoy this series for the combination of real life environmental concerns that are addressed, Native American culture, and fantasy - all centered around teen characters who fans of Young Adult fiction will relate to. (Read full description and review of Whisper in the Woods here.) 

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  1. It looks like some interesting choices you picked. I've been seeing that cover for "Me Before You" for a while now, but I suppose the cover did not give me much of an idea about the book content. After seeing the movie trailer, I'm a little more interested in reading it. Some of these other books, like your crime and suspense picks look interesting too.

    1. Thanks for checking out my list and commenting. Yes, I like to pick a diverse list of books so there is something for everyone. Me Before You is a phenomenal book and I still have to read the sequel! I can't wait to see the movie.

    2. Your reading suggestions look great and thanks!

  2. Yay~~ i read one, "Me before you"
    It was awsome!

    1. I know! Loved it and I look forward to seeing the film. I would suggest Brooklyn next then for you and the film adaptation was wonderful as well.


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