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When my sons were toddlers and preschoolers we spent countless mornings at the local public library checking out material and attending story time.  However, once my sons started school and I returned to full-time employment, we turned more toward our local book store and, in more recent years, to e-books for mere convenience.  Now that I'm home again, one of my favorite past-times while my sons are at school is once again perusing the library shelves.  Often I'm there to checkout a specific book one of my sons wants or return due items.  Other times I love to just explore the shelves looking for an interesting read.

Just today I did a catalog search for two books on my "want to read" list.  Disappointed that neither book was available and not having any luck looking for random material to bring home, I turned to gather my belongings and leave.  Then, in a moment of complete optimism, I returned to the catalog and looked up the one book that I've hopelessly scanned for countless other times in the last several weeks. I've already been on the wait-list for the electronic copy for months, so I didn't bother to place a hold on the hard copy as well.   When the inquiry results came up, I had to blink hard to make sure I was seeing clearly. Could it be?

The results revealed there were TWO copies in the 'New and Popular' section near the entrance to the library.  Since I was using a computer at the far back of the library, I knew I had to move quickly! As fast as I could move my legs without running, I made a mad dash toward the front of the library maneuvering around several senior citizens (apparently the library is THE hot spot for this demographic!) taking care not to knock any of them down. 

When I finally reached my destination, my eyes scanned the spines for the author.  I nearly bumped right into a very large man who happened to be standing right in front of the shelf that held the book. I glanced up and saw ONE remaining copy of the book - my book - sitting there.  Oh no! Could I have come this far only to fail, what if he looks up and grabs it? This was not a risk I was willing to take. Without hesitation, but with a quick, "Excuse me,"  I reached across the man and snatched it!  There it was.  In. My. Hand.

Found this quote by David Foster Wallace online and it made me laugh. 

My smile was suspiciously a mile wide and my face must have looked like the bird that ate the canary. I actually felt giddy.  My heart was racing and my palms sweaty.  I felt like I was holding top secret material and would now need to escape the KGB.   Unable to contain my enthusiasm, I held the book close to my chest, hiding its cover, and looked around to see if anyone was eyeing me as I quickly went to check out.  I had at least 30 minutes until I needed to leave to go get my sons at school, but something inside me just wanted out of that library.  I had visions of being stopped by a librarian and being told that there had been a terrible mistake but THAT book was not supposed to be on the shelf.  I wasn't taking any chances.

When I reached my car I placed the book on the passenger seat and locked all the doors. I peeled out of the parking lot - my mission a success!

Now, I bet you're wondering what book had me this excited.  Well, I guess you'll just have to wait for my next book review. Until then, here's hoping you find your love of books at a library near you! 

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  1. This sounds like quite the adventure! Could be a fantastic story to have fun with!

    1. Nothing like a little espionage to make the day more exciting! I've already finished the book in question so back to the library I go! Thanks for reading!

  2. You are kidding do we really have to wait.......

    1. Sometimes - LOL! Thanks for reading and commenting.


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