Off the Shelf: A Modern Day Romeo and Juliet (Book Review)

I usually wouldn't write back-to-back reviews on the same author, but damn, Rainbow Rowell writes the sweetest coming-of-age novels ever!  Maybe because the book is set during the same era I grew up in, but Eleanor and Park was every bit as good as I heard it was.  As I read this book, I would not only tear-up but would also smile - literally grin from ear to ear - at the sweetness.  The novel also deals with heavier social issues such as poverty, domestic abuse, and the plight of abused women.

Eleanor, the new girl in town, comes from a troubled home.  In addition, she has problems fitting in at school because she looks and dresses differently than the popular kids. As our protagonist, Eleanor is pathetic, at times lovable and witty, but screwed up (understandably) and there were moments I wanted to slap some sense into her.  

When popular boy, Park, takes notice of Eleanor, we are left with a most unlikely love story which made the novel endearing. Eleanor inadvertently teaches Park how to be his own person - a very difficult accomplishment for any adolescent.  Park with his punk style and black eyeliner was absolutely  my favorite character.  

I highly recommend this book to all teens and adults who enjoy young adult fiction.  Those of you who grew up in the 80s will experience an additional connection with the content, but, regardless, this is a timeless story of ill-fated love.  Rowell is a master of young adult novels writing beautiful and complicated characters for her readers to become thoroughly engrossed in. 

In all seriousness, though, I have to stop developing crushes on Rowell's leading male characters. PLEASE tell me where these guys were in my high school days!

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