TOP TEN Most Annoying Questions I Asked My Son During the Women's World Cup

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In light of the very exciting FIFA Women's World Cup which, may I add, ended in a THIRD Cup for the U.S. Women's National Team, my son wanted to share with you the Top Ten Most Annoying Questions I Asked while watching the event.  By the time the semi-finals rolled around, he limited me to a mere TWO questions a match.  Didn't seem fair to me, but so be it.

After much consideration, he chose the following for his list of most annoying (and in most cases repeated) questions I tormented him with:

1) What's that mean? (Every time an official raised a flag or blew a whistle.)

2) How is THAT not a foul? (Anytime things didn't go in favor of my team.)

3) Why are teams only allowed three substitutions? (Which was inevitably followed by - What if they need more? - Can you just hear him sighing?)

4) Is extra time 15 or 30 minutes? (Which led to other questions regarding penalty kick-offs,  sudden death, etc. - just to keep him on his toes!) 

5) Do they have injury time after the first half too? (Seriously, I never realized this.)

6) How is THAT not a penalty kick? (Again, anytime things didn't go in favor of my team.)

7) Why didn't she JUST kick it? (Many variations to this one: How did she miss that? What was she thinking? - Yes, I tend to oversimplify things.)

8) Do you think she's pretty? (This was more of a joke than a sincere question, just to tease him.)

9) Why are the trophy holders female models? (But seriously. Am I the only one to notice this. This is a women's event. As a spectator I don't want to see a bunch of female models stroll onto the field for the trophy presentations. Give ME some eye-candy that I will enjoy!!)

10)   Really? (Which followed every question I asked him, just to annoy him further. And, yes, he did count that as my second question.)

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  1. Nikki, that is AWESOME +too funny! :) :) :)

    So happy for the USWNT especially Abby, but I felt really bad for Japan. They did well though to finish second... their defense was so good most of this wc, but they just stunk it up really badly in the final!

    1. Yes, I don't think any expected the U.S. to come out like dragons in those first 16 minutes. It was unbelievable and so fun to watch. What would have made it perfect is if Abby scored the winning goal! LOL.


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