TOP FIVE Books to Read This Summer

Summer time is here!  That means vacation and lazy afternoons lounging by the pool or catching the rays at the beach. It also means time to grab that book and READ!   

Here are my TOP 5 books to grab along with your beach towel this summer season! 

Top Summer Books

1. Memoir / Non-fiction: As You Wish by Cary Elwes is a must-read for all those who would enjoy a sneak peak inside the movie industry and one of the longest-standing cult classics of all times. For fans of The Princess Bride and those interested in getting a close-up and personal look into a beloved film, this is a real treat. (Read full description and review here.)

Top Summer Books

2. Women's Fiction / Thriller: The Last Breath by Kimberly Belle can't be placed into one genre. It is a thriller, crime novel, contemporary romance, and family drama all rolled into one explosive story.  It is as suspenseful as it is sexy.  (Read full description and review here.)

Top Summer Books

3. Fiction: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein will make you smile, make you sigh, and if it doesn't make you cry both tears of sorrow AND joy, you've probably never experienced a deep love and connection with a pet.  I've always loved dogs, their ability to communicate without words and create bonds with their people. But even I will never look at dogs the same way again. (Read full description and review here.)

Top Summer Books

4. Contemporary Romance: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell is an easy, light read that will warm your heart. Rowell is a master at writing witty and playful dialogues, and creating characters that are relatable and engaging. She has a knack for writing the most lovable, endearing male protagonists that you can't help but cheer for! (Read full description and review here.)

Top Summer Books

5. Family / Women's Fiction: Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen has many different components. It deals with forgiveness and letting go, relationships and love, and unexpected second chances. The novel addressing the very deep bonds that develop between humans and animals. (Read full description and review here.)


It was no easy feat to narrow this list down to only five books. I chose a variety of genres sure to please most readers. Check out my full list of book reviews to find your next summer read.  


  1. I read "The Princess Bride" in 2015, so I suppose I should follow it up with "As You Wish." So many books I want to read ... :P

    1. Oh yes you should! But only if you've seen the movie! Such a classic. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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