The Vampire Lestat: Book Review Part II

The Vampire Lestat Review
"Do you think we find our destiny somehow, no matter what happens? I mean, do you think that even as immortals we follow some path that was already marked for us when we were alive?" ~ The Vampire Lestat.

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If ever there was an author that proved genius to some and tedious to others, it would be Anne Rice. At halfway through The Vampire Lestat I wrote an "unreview" stating that, although I was enjoying some aspects of the story, there were others that were making this novel a chore for me to read.  On more than one occasion, I contemplated giving up on it. However, I am happy to say I persevered and finally finished it. 

"He had some vision of all things being united in good, of all forces being made to go on the same divine course." ~ The Vampire Lestat

At the end I was very glad I kept at it because I believe in exposing myself to different authors and genres. Also because I felt the last quarter of the novel was without question the most interesting (if you recall, I felt the same way about the last part of The Wolf Gift) as it delves into the origins of vampires, Mother Earth, and ancient gods. This is also where the reader is introduced to one of the most interesting characters, Marius, whom I loved as much as Lestat. 

Am I happy I finished The Vampire Lestat? Yes, I truly am. However, I am confident that it will be the only novel in Rice's Vampire Chronicles that I will read. My love for the characters just wasn't enough for me to venture into any additional books in the series. 

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  1. I had read this entire book many years ago. I can definitely understand the tedium of reading it, because of the way it takes a "sequel" and then completely changes the narrative from the original. If you continue along in the Anne Rice interview series, I assure you that this paradox gets far worse. I finally gave up during the Body Theif.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Jeremy. I skipped the first in the series and went right for this one because I heard it was the best. Many people have said they just couldn't get into the series as a whole as well, but then others worship the series and Rice. Proof that no one novel will satisfy every reader.


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