Wreck-It Ralph: Family Movie Review

I seriously can't believe Wreck-it Ralph was released in the U.S. nearly three years ago and I just now got around to watching it for the first time.  It was my 11-year old's pick and he had seen it before and likes it. Me? Not so much, but, hey. That's not really the point of my reviews so let's get on with it, shall we?

For thirty years, Wreck-it-Ralph (John C. Reilly) has been the bad guy in an arcade video game. He's not really a bad guy - it's just his job to be the villain in the game called "Fix-it Felix." However, even after hours, when the arcade closes for the night and all the characters in the games come to life as "off-duty" personalities, no one likes Ralph. To them, he is still just the bad guy. 

What if Ralph doesn't want to be the professional villain anymore? 

Tired of being disliked by the other characters, Ralph sets out on a mission to earn a medal of honor and prove everyone is wrong about him. He travels from one video game to the next in search of a way to earn recognition for being a hero. 

"Without Ralph, we're doomed!" ~ Wreck-it Ralph

However, trouble begins when Ralph doesn't make it back to his game before the arcade opens again, causing "Fix-it Felix" to go on the brink.  The arcade must post the dreaded "Out of Order" sign. This proves to the others how valuable Ralph's role is to the game. 

The majority of the film takes place in a game called "Sugar Rush" where Ralph meets a computer glitch named Venellope von Schweetz (played by Sarah Silverman) who is being bullied by the legitimate characters. From that point on, the story focuses on these two misfits uniting to prove their worthiness. Their friendship provides some tender moments, but not enough substance for me to really care about the outcome of this film. 

"Heroes have to make the tough choices." ~ Wreck-it Ralph

The basis for this plot was so promising, but didn't really catch my attention. However, as far as family films are concerned, most young kids will like this one. Wreck-it Ralph is rated PG for some rude humor (in other words, lots of "bathroom" humor) and mild action/violence. Most of the heavy violence comes from Ralph's visit to another video game called "Heroes Duty." Although animated, these particular scenes depict violent war re-enactments. 

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This is NOT one of those brilliant animated films that I could suggest to people of all ages. But for the right audience, it could be fun and make an enjoyable family movie night.  There is a sequel in the works, so go ahead and check this one out before it's released. 

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  1. I totally loved this movie (and I watched it when it was in the theaters lol)

    1. Great, then you can watch and review the sequel for me :-P
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Yes,
    What a great and different movie! I saw it about a year ago. I thought it was creative and funny, I do hope they do a second one.
    Good review!


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