Spy (Nik's Piks: Movie Review)

Perhaps Spy is one of those films which is made more or less enjoyable depending on the circumstances you are seeing it under, as well as who you're seeing it with. All I know is that after avoiding this 2015 comedy starring Melissa McCarthy for months, I finally sat down to watch it with my sisters, and honestly, cannot remember the last time we all had so much fun watching a film together. 

Spy, also starring Jude Law, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne, Allison Janney and Miranda Hart (Who is hysterically funny!), is a spoof on James Bond spy films. It is a shoot 'em up, gadget filled movie filled with humorous, often outrageous, one-liners! I seriously thought it was going to be stupid, but found the script and the performances very funny. Even if at some point you just forget what the plot is about, you can just sit back and enjoy the laughs. 

"I do not condone this sexy but reckless action of yours." ~ Spy

Susan Cooper (McCarthy) is a CIA analyst who has spent her entire career behind a desk supporting her field agent partner, Bradley Fine (Law). All that is about to change when Fine is assassinated by Bulgarian arms dealer (Byrne). Determined to avenge the death of her partner, Cooper, along with fellow agent Nancy Artingstall (Hart), convinces her boss (Janney) to allow her to go into the field on what is supposed to be a "track and report" mission only, in hopes of discovering the truth behind Fine's murder. However, there are no limits to what Susan will do to find her partner's killers while proving her value as an agent to herself and the agency. The result is some very comical moments.

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Spy will take you from Washington D.C. to Paris and from Rome to Budapest, all the while introducing the audience to one comedic character after another. My favorite? Aldo, played by the very funny Peter Serafinowicz.  The film is rated R for strong language throughout, violence, and some sexual content, including brief graphic nudity. 

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