Flashback: Lavender Fields Forever

Remember when Facebook "Notes" was implemented and people actually used it.  In a way, those were early attempts at blogging for so many.  Well, I recently found this section hidden among my Facebook account. Being in the highly sentimental mode I currently am in my life, I couldn't help but smile at some of the entries. Here is one I have to share for all the parents out there reading this wondering the same thing I am -  where did the time go.......? (Note: my sons are now 12 and 10)

Written: July 24, 2009

My baby turns five on Monday - no longer a baby to others, but will always be MY baby. I recently ordered his school uniforms for Kindergarten which he begins on August 19, just two days before my oldest turns 7 and enters the second grade. How fast those 7 years went as well. I am so fortunate to have spent these early years at home with them and now work at the school they attend.

My sons and I often talk about the times when they were babies. Like tonight, they both got a bit too much sun at the pool today, so I rubbed some lavender lotion on their backs after bath. I mentioned to them that I used to do that every night when they were babies. My oldest said it felt familiar.  My youngest just giggled because the application tickled him. How quickly simple moments become such sweet memories in our lives.

My hands smell like a baby now because of the lavender lotion. I need to use this stuff more often!

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