One Month Later

It's been approximately one month since my sons have returned to school and I officially became a full-time, stay-at-home mom.  Are my days what I thought they would be?  Am I spending the time investing in my own personal growth? Am I exercising, meditating, and volunteering as I had hoped? What about friendships - am I getting together with friends as planned? I figured if I held myself publicly accountable, maybe I will make myself accomplish what I set out to do during this temporary hiatus from employment.

First, let's get to my setbacks -or epic failures as my sons would call them.  I have NOT increased my workouts.  In fact, I haven't worked out in weeks.  Not quite sure what's to blame.  I do have the time.  I think my brilliant 12 year old was right again!  I just got bored doing the same old workout routines at home (treadmill, sit-ups and the sort.) Ok, so really need to do better in this department especially since the holidays are coming up!!  I also haven't really done anything to explore new avenues.  I haven't signed up for any classes, whether it be photography or yoga, and I haven't really explored any new interests.

However, let's take a look at what I have accomplished in my first four weeks.  I HAVE done the volunteering that I wanted to (both at my sons' school and the animal shelter) and I have done lots and lots of reading.  I also make it a point to get together with at least one friend for breakfast or lunch each week.  This has been beneficial on so many levels.  I get to talk with another human being during the day AND that person is an adult, double bonus!  We exchange ideas, frustrations, and successes. I have also completed many small jobs around the garden and house that would have still been on the back burner if I was working. I have started meditating, but not as much as I would like, but I'm working on it.  And, after the initial chaos of the first week or so of the new school year, I now feel like I am getting plenty of me time.

The one thing I have implemented into the daily routine, which was really a struggle when I was working outside the home full-time, is proper, family sit-down dinners.  When I was working, it was all I could do to throw some nuggets in the oven and serve them up on the counter to my sons while I packed lunches for the next day and tried to clean up around the house.  I designed an afternoon schedule for my sons which allows everyone amble free time while giving them designated times for reading and homework - and we are successfully sticking to it.  I am getting in the groove of my own new routines as well and no longer have household chores, errands, or grocery shopping to do on the weekends.

With all that said, where do I go from here?  In the next month, I would like to see myself continuing to build connections with friends and, possibly look into a fun class at the community center.  I plan on continuing to do volunteer work, finish some other small household projects on my list, and increase my meditation sessions.  I also must, no MUST, get back to exercising.  Am I forgetting anything?  Alright, I'll check back in in a few weeks.


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