Guardians of the Galaxy - Family Movie Review

Before I begin, I am going to give you full disclosure.  I am, by no means, versed in the world of Marvel.  In fact, when my sons ask me if I prefer Marvel or DC I make them name the different heroes in each series - EVERY TIME!  With that public humiliation out in the open, I can now say that I took my 10 year old to see Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday.  Besides the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, one Iron Man movie (because I love Robert Downey, Jr.), and probably one or two Batman movies - Michael Keaton style - I don't typically go to these movies. 

For parents reading this who are as clueless as I am, the movie is rated PG-13.  The determination of whether or not I take my sons to a movie has to do with the reason behind the rating.  Fantasy violence and slight crude language is no big deal to me.  So we were ok with this one, but each child is different and the decision to take your children to any movie is completely based on you and your family.  There were kids in there under 4 but I know parents who wouldn't take their 12 yr olds to go see it.  So again, it's a personal choice.

The movie was about a group of misfits who become friends, and eventually heroes, because, yep, you guessed it, they save the Galaxy.  Chris Pratt as Star-Lord is likeable and charming and sometimes downright silly - which was great.  Zoe Saldana as Gamora offers a strong female heroine who is not only one hell of a fighter, but offers the others a sense of compassion.  She also rocked in her green skin!

Lee Pace as our ruthless and nearly invincible villain, Ronan the Accuser, was fabulous and unrecognizable in make-up.  And who wouldn't love Bradley Cooper as the voice of Rocket (although it was halfway through the movie before I realized it was him!) and to me, the real hero of the movie, Groot, played by Vin Diesel.

Guardians of the Galaxy is filled with space creatures, some a little spooky looking, high-flying and intense space fights and definitely lots of fantasy violence (ok, there are LOTS of explosions.)  But, it also has a softness to it that was endearing.  While some of the humor may go above the heads (that's a metaphor) of younger viewers, it added a mainstream component for those of us that aren't into the whole Marvel world. 

This movie isn't for everyone, and in all honesty, if my son hadn't asked to go see it, I never would have seen it.  However, it left me looking forward to the return of these likeable characters in the sequel. 

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