I'm Not Alone

I spoke with a dear friend of mine recently who is currently going through a transformation similar to mine.  Professionally, she wants a change!  She has been a successful freelance artist working from home for the past 20+ years.  During that time, she, too, has been raising her two children and thankful for a flexible schedule.  However, at 45 she desires a career change that will get her back into a traditional job setting outside the home.  Among other things, she misses the adult interaction that comes from collaborating with colleagues. 

What is it with us 40-somethings that sparks the need for personal change and growth?  It's almost like it's a last ditch effort to go for our dreams.  In the past few years, I have friends that have gone back to college or have finally written the books they've always wanted to.  Another not only got herself into the best shape of her life, but has turned her fitness plan into a successful business.  Many others are exploring career changes, the possibility of starting a small-business, or finally getting involved in social issues that they are passionate about.

Perhaps it's the fact that our children are growing up (or are grown) and we now have all this free time to devote to ourselves. This extra time gives us the opportunity to accomplish some goals, re-consider others, or simply create new ones.  Whatever your passion, finding the time to get involved in it will only be a benefit to mind, body, and soul.

This upcoming week I will be dedicating three days to the animal shelter that I've been volunteering at on Sundays for over a year.  Part of my initial plan was to get more involved in the shelter.  With my sons back in school I'm ecstatic that I am making this happen!  The extra time donated to this cause that I hold so dear to my heart has me very energized and, I'll admit, creates a balance between the quiet "me time" I so crave and the need to have a purposeful existence.  

Your Turn: 

Whether you are in the midst of re-inventing yourself or haven't quite had the opportunity to begin your pursuit, I'd love to hear your story.  What is the end product you're aiming for?  What goals have you set for yourself?  What challenges are you facing?  Knowing we're not alone in this journey might just give us that extra nudge to follow the path toward our new lives. 

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