TOP TEN: Fall in South Florida

No, we don't get the brilliantly colored foliage or the cool, sweater weather. But those of us who live in South Florida can still make the best of things and enjoy the traditions, flavors, and colors of the season. Here is a list of some of my favorite things about autumn - Florida style.

How Tall This Fall?
1) Pumpkin flavored everything: You know what I'm talking about.  Muffins, bagels, PIE - you name it. And, nothing gets me in the fall mood more than a pumpkin latte from my favorite coffee shop!

2) Pumpkin patch: an annual tradition even before my first son was born. My favorite activities include my sons measuring themselves on the 'How Tall this Fall?' pumpkin growth chart and picking out lots of tiny pumpkins and gourds that will serve as my centerpiece and, undoubtedly, last until after the New Year. 

3) Halloween: candy, spooky decorations, and jack-o-lanterns. AND, not once have my children ever had to wear a jacket or coat over their costumes. Although, there was the year trick-or-treating was postponed several days due to a hurricane...... such is the risk in FL. 

4) Fall fashion colors: shades of orange, brown, and scarlet. Although, I may not be donning these colors via sweaters and corduroy slacks, my toenail polish, still visible in my flip flops, more than makes up for it.

Best fall leaves I've ever seen
 in South FL
5)  Garden makeover: that's right, I'm talking MUMS in hues of yellow, rust, and orange.  No fall garden is complete without some, even if they don't survive too long under the FL sun. 

6) Cooler temperatures: Goodbye 90 degree weather - well, usually. While 83 degrees may not seem like jeans and sweater time to you, you can't fault me for faking it! I might even wear socks occasionally.  

7) Eastern Standard Time: Nothing signals the holiday season more. Call me odd, but there is something very cozy about darker evenings.

8) Colored leaves: or the hunt for them anyway. Some years we are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of autumn leaves. Sure, they can't compare to New England, but I'll take what I can get.

9) Thanksgiving: Turkey, sweet potato pie, and family - what more could I ask for?

10) End of hurricane season: November 30th may not be significant to most, but to South Floridians it marks the end of hurricane season -  just in time for the Christmas rush.


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