Book Funk

Good morning! 

For my readers who are checking in for my Monday book review, I am sorry to disappoint.  Unfortunately, it would appear that I am in a book funk.  I find myself once again halfway through a book that I am disappointed in.  There are elements that I like that will keep me going until the end, but it doesn't have that "can't put the book down" quality I was hoping for from this author.

I could have put together another Nik's Piks list, but, with the release of Goosebumps, my allocated writing time was taken up this weekend and I don't like to just throw posts together.

There is a children's book that I will be reviewing just in time for the holidays (Honestly, it has been sitting on my desk since LAST Christmas!)  And, have received another children's book, a non-fiction,  that is sitting on my desk also waiting to be reviewed. 

My time is also being consumed by other endeavors.  I am currently in the middle of editing and collaborating with an author of a young adult mystery novel.  Plus, as you may already know, I have picked up a second volunteer shift at one of the local animal shelters, and have been feverishly volunteering at my sons' school where we are required to complete thirty hours.  The book fair just finished and the next big event will be the Thanksgiving feast which I will be helping with despite my oldest son's pleas not to.

So, again, sorry to disappoint those who may have stopped by for a new book review. I promise to get something done for next Monday.  In the meanwhile, I encourage you to check out my review of Brooklyn whose film adaptation is due out this November.

Lastly, please let me know if you've recently read a book that you loved and want to recommend to me. I am desperate for new suggestions. 


  1. "A man may work from dusk to dawn but a Mommy's work is never done."

    Keep it up, it will keep you young.


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